Grey/Black Border Farming - Why it should be avoided.

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Grey/Black Border Farming - Why it should be avoided. Empty Grey/Black Border Farming - Why it should be avoided.

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:43 am

Any recruit or member of the Zeus Corporation has probably seen leaders and offices often say "Don't farm grey/black borders - you will die". Despite such messages constantly being shared, there is still a persistence to ignore these warnings and farm anyway. As such, I would like to try and explain why it is so important to take heed of these messages - it's not just about death and how it effects you personally.

First and foremost, black is a real issue as it's a very dangerous place to farm. Many enemy Alliances hang around the grey/black border - typically only one sector deep - to try to catch players popping into the black area. Such players can make a TiB living PvPing. "Well I have a big hull, so I can run away or Earth Jump if I get attacked", I hear you say. Well no, not always. Many such PvP groups have BFGs and a single player, armed with a Matter Inverter XX for example, can easily do between 1000 and 4000 HP damage in one hit. So even the best hull is open to "single shot obliteration" if there happen to be a few PvP players with BFGs. We've not even mentioned their potential ability to grapple, stun or ram, all of which can make your grey/black border farming even more deadly.

So first and foremost, don't think you can run.

So the next issue is death itself. You might then ask, "Well it's my risk and if I die, that's my fault. The potential gain in XP and resources makes the risk worth it!". Wrong!

If you die, there is indeed a cost to you. You will loose your resources. You will loose credits for the death itself (although not massive, it can add up, especially for recruits or new members. For example, in a flayer, a death costs around 7k credits). And then your equipment and gear can be damaged, or worse case stolen (if the durability is below 25%), and repairing equipment can be expensive.

Also resource and XP gain isn't so great in black as you might think. In many cases, you can kill 3 or 4 grey NPCs in the time it takes to kill 1 black NPC. The XP differences aren't that great so levelling will be quicker in grey. This can sometimes be negated by using Mind Surge. However even if XP gains are more in black with Mind Surge, the damage you will receive will be more so you need to spend more time or metals healing. All in all, the XP/hour is greater in grey than black.

More importantly to many, your death effects the entire Alliance's PvP/kills ranking. If you die, the other Alliances will gain Combat Points (CP) for your death and they will climb the Leaderboards, with us dropping in rank.

This is visible to other members of the Alliance and puts our position in the HitSquad Alliance at risk. If Zeus Corporation cause their entire ranking to decline, they could remove us from the Alliance altogether. This would not be good.

And it is really for these last two reasons that Zeus Leaders get most frustrated with death and threaten recruits and members with removal from the Corporation if there is no change in their grey/black border farming behaviour.

So hopefully this post sheds some light on why grey/black border farming is so bad. Comments welcome.


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Grey/Black Border Farming - Why it should be avoided. Empty Re: Grey/Black Border Farming - Why it should be avoided.

Post by Fredng0 on Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:23 pm

Nice write up aard


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