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Post by ArtfulDodger on Sat Jun 28, 2014 3:41 am

Welcome to The Infinite black and Welcome to Zeus!

First and foremost read the wiki - quick start guide (Android & iOS) as this will give you a reasonable understanding of the basics of the game.

The below guidance is intended to maximise your effectiveness to make money and your efficiency during your initial stages in the game with the aim of best preparing you for your TIB future. Here's your step by step guide:

1. Kill non-player combatants (NPCs) and collect resources
2. Map out the immediate area to locate starports. Sell the resources you collected for credits
3. Stay in grey sectors where PvP is disabled. The grey sector area is approximately a 10 sector radius from Earth. (i)
4. Repeat to build up your credit balance. Occasionally a Black Dollar may drop in your sector upon killing an NPC. Collect and save these as well
5. Turn off Mindsurge (doubles xp gained). To do this, open the Black Dollar (BDs) menu and toggle the on/off button for Mindsurge (ii)
6. Upon reaching Level 5 your ship will cease to auto repair your health when damaged as this is a new player feature only. From this point forward you will need to retain and use a proportion of your Metals to repair youself
7. Do NOT purchase any new ships - you will unlock a new ship at Level 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15. Go to earth to change ships
8. Refrain from buying gear from the Auction House. Common gear is more than sufficient to make good money in grey.
9. Find yourself a fast shooting gun (3-5sec fire rate), spend the bulk of your equipment points on it. Do not spend any EP on a hull, you don't need it (but if you must, spend at max 1 EP on a speed bonus hull). Use the remainder of your EP on a storage.
10. Once you have saved 60,000 credits, buy 20 Black Dollars (at the time of writing 1 BDs = 3000 creds). You can do this via a player trade or seek help from fellow corp members. Use these BDs to purchase a Fighter and a Repair Drone from the Black Dollar menu, these will help significantly with money making
11. Continue to kill NPCs to level and make money. Save 400k to purchase a Flayer ship. Notify a Leader who will help with the purchase. (iii)

Additional information

(i) Venturing into black sectors is extremely tempting and presents a variety of new and bigger NPCs to kill, however playing in black is a bad idea for two reasons:

- Anything goes in black, PvP is enabled and there are plenty of well established players roaming around in groups waiting to kill easy targets. Dying costs money and since your aim in the early stages is to maximise money making, avoiding death altogether by staying in grey is the best policy
- Even if you are one of the minority to get away with farming in black without getting killed in PvP for any period of time, NPCs are bigger and hit harder causing you more damage and costing you more metals which could otherwise be profit, stick to grey and prosper!

(ii) Levelling faster may seem great but from the outset its more important to make money, two reasons to avoid xp bonuses are:

- At level 15 you will no longer receive xp or loot from NPC kills in grey effectively forcing you out of the safe zone into the black where anything goes. Keep levelling slow will allow you to make more money in a safe environment for longer.
- Mind Surge costs money, its far better to save any MS you have for later in the game. It is far better value to get double xp on a big NPC that gives you more xp than a small NPC.

(iii) Why a Flayer? This ship is the best value mid-sized ship available in the game and will allow you to get involved in most activity while not breaking your bank. For further information reach out to a Leader.

And there you are, clear as mud! Feel free to ask your fellow Zeus members for help if you are unsure what you should be doing. Fly safe, make bank and most importantly have fun!

Team Zeus


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